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Who We Are

A-Z Solutions and Allied Services LTD was founded with the aim of protecting assets with a specialized team in security systems.

A-Z Solutions was created as a sister company to JASCO Global Concept Ltd. (www.jascoltd.com) which is a trading company that deals with security products and others.

We at A-Z Solutions and Allied Services LTD. are specialized in studying, Installing and Maintaining all Security and IT systems. We are committed to provide Security & IT solutions and first rate services to small, medium, and large businesses in the Nigerian market. We strive to continuously learn, anticipate, and improve to stay "in position" to provide the best possible customer experience.

Our Expertise

Security & IT Solutions
Electrical Fence
Tracking Systems
Power Systems
Vehicle X Ray
Access Control & Time attendance

Why Choose us

Our Vision
To become the leading reference for innovative and  reliable Security Systems, IT & Low Current.
Our Mission

We serve to provide our customers with peace of mind and a secure environment that makes a difference.

Our History

  •    2004
    was established  with the intent of becoming a major provider in the Lebanese and Nigerian IT industry. With a staff of three employees, and a harshly competitive environment, the success story began. The corporate strategy mainly revolved around providing the best possible service hence differentiating from competition..
  •    2008
    we made a huge step towards achieving its objectives and aggressively positioned itself among the key players in the corporate and small to medium business segments. Conversely, the following years were characterized by major restructuring changes, which led to staggering improvements in sales and services.
    Throughout, the company's success attracted many international CCTV vendors such as GKB, HP, Samsung, Laice, Denovo, MTCO and many others.
  •    2014
    A-Z Solutions & Allied Services Ltd is a leading team of more than 25 qualified employees, who are all in position to serve our customers' needs while providing the best possible experience.